Using Technology to Make Yourself Healthier

As technology improves, so does our way of life. A decade ago, we probably didn’t have nearly as many luxuries that have been given to us by advances in technology. For example, while there were online deliveries a decade ago, they probably weren’t nearly as fast and convenient as they are now. In addition, the choice of items on offer was probably nowhere near the level we have now. You can order virtually everything off the internet, be it medication, furniture or even a medical test.

But what about technology to help us improve our health? While we can’t exactly plug ourselves into a machine to diagnose the problems with our body (yet!) we can still use technology to our advantage to help us feel better and make us healthier. To get you started, here are a couple of ways to use technology for the sake of your health.


Technology can naturally improve our lives, and our health is no exception!

Online Diagnosis

While it’s not recommended to try and fully diagnose yourself using online resources, it can be beneficial to take a look online on the symptoms that you’re experiencing when you’re ill so you can get a rough idea of why it’s happening and how to temporarily relieve the symptoms. Just make sure to take every piece of advice you see with a grain of salt. Simply head to an online symptom checker to get a rough idea of what could be wrong with you so that you can take the appropriate actions.

Mobile Appointments

But why stop at just self-diagnosing yourself? You could also take it a step further by seeing GPs powered by Babylon, a mobile-enabled GP service that promises to connect you with professional doctors over your phone. While your doctor won’t be able to physically examine you (for obvious reasons) you can point your phone’s camera to your body so that they can inspect you visually. This is usually enough to see surface issues and if it’s not serious, your doctor can prescribe you medication that can be picked up on the same day to help you quickly feel better.

Fitness Tracking

We also can’t forget that technology has given us all kinds of sensors and trackers that can help us keep an eye on our fitness. A simple fitness band can keep track of all our activities so that you can see how many miles you’re running, how many steps you’re taking and how fast your heart is beating. There are plenty of ways to make use of these statistics and they can form the basis of a solid fitness routine.

Wealth of Information

Lastly, we can’t forget that the internet has helped us build a whole wealth of information on the internet that could help us improve our lives. This article is just one example of helpful information that will boost your health levels, so do a quick Google search on healthy living blogs and you’ll soon find yourself swamped with choices on what to read. Whether it’s keeping your skin healthy during winter or what to eat to cure a hangover, there’s something out there that you can relate to.

3 Questions You Ask Yourself When You See Old People

There’s always a time when you need to sit down and rethink your life and what you want it to be. For most people, this happens around New Year’s time, but it could also be the result of a major let down or the opportunity to try something new. Whatever the reason, when you think of improving your life, it can be anything from picking a new career to starting a family. Life is the complex combination of several choices and habits that you choose to generate happiness. It’s about creating happiness in the immediate future, as most people find it tricky to think beyond the next few years. But what about old age? Let me tell you about the thoughts that everyone shares in silence when they see old people in the street. We ask ourselves three very specific questions, and the answers to these questions bring new options to define your life happiness.


What would I look like at their age?

It’s a fair question to ask, because whether you like it or not, everyone wants to look good, regardless of how old they are. Looking good, however, has a different meaning, depending on your age. In your 20s, it’s being able to wear tight and short clothes. In your 30s, it’s about staying slim and professional-looking as a busy mama. In your 40s, it’s about hiding your first wrinkles, and so on! In your 70s, looking good means being healthy. Unfortunately being healthy in your old age starts now. You need to take care of your body and mind today if you want them to stay fit tomorrow. This means maintaining muscle mass, improving your flexibility, keeping a strong heart, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and helping your mind to stay at peace.

What if I can’t deal on my own?

If you are worried about finishing like your Great Aunty Molly who was half-mad and needed a daily carer, then you need to be reassured: taking care of your mind and body will help limit the damages of time. However, there will come a moment when you might find it difficult to deal with other issues of old age, such as loneliness, depression, and feeling of worthlessness. It’s what happens when old people stay in their homes until the end. Suddenly the home feels too big, too cold and all the shops are too far away. Will you end in one of those Porthaven care homes instead? Don’t fear! Care homes are not only for people who can’t cope physically or mentally. They also provide a peaceful and positive environment for those who don’t want to feel isolated.

How will people remember me when I’m gone?

Dying is a terrible but inevitable prospect. While nobody is ready to go, you can’t avoid the question: What do you want to be remembered for? Whether it is your kindness, your mind, your creativity, it’s obvious that you need to pick qualities that you use regularly. In other words, answering this question helps you to define your priority in life.

Being happy in life is relative. After all, life changes all the time. But thinking today of what tomorrow might be made of is the best way to build a happy future, even in old age. Keeping fit, knowing that there are options when you can’t cope on your own, and leading a life you are proud of; these are the secrets of an older happy you.

Don’t Let Poor Sleep Kill You

In the wake of healthy and fit lifestyles, sleep comes as one of the key elements to maintain a good physical and mental health. While everyone is aware that you can’t sleep yourself to a slim and strong body, there’s no denying that without sleep people wouldn’t be able to function and perform their everyday routine – at the gym and the office. As a result, it’s not uncommon to come across suggestions designed to improve your sleep cycle. Everything starts in the bedroom, your sanctuary of peace and rest. You’ve probably experience the significant impact on your sleep quality of changing your bed direction or clearing the bedroom from clutter. Keeping a set schedule can also help your brain get ready for sleep and prepare in advance to be in right condition. There is nothing new about the advice that you read to achieve a good night sleep. But what about people who are struggling with sleep conditions that can be more serious than one thinks?  


Snoring Yourself To Death?

Let’s be honest from the start: Nobody likes a snorer. If you’ve got one in your family, you know very well that the snorer unintentionally disturbs everyone’s sleep. But if you know someone who snores – or even if you snore yourself –, you need to stop considering that loud snorts are funny. Snoring is the result of sleep apnea, which means that the person stops breathing during their sleep. The snoring sound is when the brain has realized that it is suffocating and not receiving enough oxygen. In other words, when someone snores, it’s the brain that is forcing the body to gasp for some fresh air. Suddenly, snorers don’t appear as funny as you might have thought they were. In fact, if you know a snorer who keeps you awake at night, you should suggest following a sleep apnea treatment. Snoring is not a healthy habit, If you compare poor sleep to alcohol, as you age you will need a longer period for your body to recover from bad sleep. Imagine drinking a six pack of beer in your 20s and compare it to drinking the same amount in your 50s. Your brain is less resilient to toxic situations, and deprivation of oxygen is something to take very seriously. In the long term, sleep apnea can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and brain damage diseases such as dementia.

Lack Of Sleep Makes You Sick

Insomnia is another common sleep trouble that can touch people at any period of their life. For some, insomnia is characterized by difficulties sleeping at least three times a week for several weeks. Not being to sleep well only for a few nights could be linked to a heavy dinner, a specific stressful situation, or maybe the bedroom being too warm or cold. However, in the long term, insomnia can be the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, physically or mentally. More importantly, it can affect your immune system, and consequently, make you sick. Lack of sleep makes your immune system weaker and makes it also more difficult for your body to recover if you catch an infection or even a simple cold. Sleep deprivation reduces the production of protective cytokines, a hormone that appears in vast quantities when you are sick, and the production of antibodies.

Too Scared To Sleep?

Waking up in the middle of the night, feeling scared and threatened is a horrible experience. However, when it happens too frequently, it’s called a nightmare disorder, and it can make it extremely tricky to go back to sleep afterwards. Nightmares are thought to be the result of psychiatric disorders, but in reality, they can be generated by anything from a stressful time at work to severe PTSD experiences. However, nightmares can also be side-effects to the consumption of abusive substances that damage the brain patterns. More importantly, people who suffer from a nightmare disorder may find it difficult to rest their body and might prefer to avoid sleeping at all. And we all know what sleep deprivation can do to you!

Too Much Sleep Is Not Healthy

Lack of sleep is not the only danger with sleep troubles. Too much sleep, such as resulting from a narcoleptic disorder, can prove equally harmful. Narcolepsy is associated with temporary catalepsy, hallucination or even sleep paralysis which only lasts for a few seconds to a couple of minutes. These naturally interfere with a regular social and professional life. But they can also put you at risk. Imagine falling asleep unexpectedly while you are driving, or looking out of the window. Additionally, narcolepsy is also classified as a sleep disturbance, as it doesn’t allow your body to rest fully, causing similar effects to sleep deprivation.

Sprucing Your Home Up For Summer

Summer is here and the weather is great! You can bask in the sun in the garden, entertain your friends with a BBQ and splash about in home pools. But many of us will find ourselves overwhelmed by a sense of claustrophobia when we step back into our homes in the evening. Who can blame us? We’ve spent hours experiencing the great outdoors, cool breezes and splashes of water. Then we find ourselves in a stuffy space feeling cramped and uncomfortable. This doesn’t need to be the case. It’s time to spruce up your home and make it hot weather friendly. You should come back indoors and feel content and comfortable.

Have a Clear Out

The first step? Having a clear out. Over the year we amount all sorts of bits and bobs that we don’t really need. Spaces begin to look cluttered and can feel overwhelming. Keep things minimal. Throw out anything that is broken or damaged. Then donate or sell anything that is unnecessary, has no sentimental value and serves no particular purpose. Nice clear surfaces and floors will make your rooms seem bigger and more spacious.


Have Somewhere to Eat

BBQs are great but you don’t want them for every single meal of the day. Make sure that you have a designated space that’s always clear that you can sit at for a meal. Ensure that your dining room has a large table that everyone can sit at. It’s nice to step out of the sun with your friends or family to enjoy your lunch in the cool and shade. Make sure it’s always clear. You don’t want the hassle of having to move items around while your food is going cold.

Install Air Conditioning

Keep things cool and fresh by installing an air conditioning unit in your house. This may sound excessive, but think just how much you’ll appreciate being able to get to sleep comfortably in a cool room, rather than tossing and turning while you stick to your sheets. Air conditioning will make your home a heavenly retreat from the heat.

Keep Things Green

Having plants around automatically makes a space feel natural, calm and fresh. So get a few houseplants to brighten up your interior and add a touch of nature. They will cleanse the air in your rooms, making spaces feel more breathable and add a dash of color to liven the atmosphere. If you’re worried about the upkeep, not to worry. There are plenty of plant species that require minimal care. Consider succulents and cacti. These don’t need regular watering and will generally take care of themselves as long as they have a bit of natural light.

Open The Windows

We’re all guilty of leaving clutter on our windowsills. But try to avoid this. Leave the space clear, allowing light and air to circulate freely between your room and the outside of your home. Pull up the blinds or make sure that your curtains are pulled back. Things will look brighter and feel fresher in no time.

What To Do When You Need A Little Lift In Life

Unfortunately, none of us are immune to having a bad day now and again. But we can certainly make thing betters by employing some self-care techniques. Just like the ones below. Read on to find out more.

Paint this your nails  

First of all self-care activities don’t need to be grand gestures. They can be the smallest things. They just have to demonstrate to yourself that you are worth spending a little time and money on and make you feel better than when you started.


In particular, painting your nails can be a small self-care activity that can make a big difference. This is because it feels good to improve your appearance, and a nice bit of nail art will always brighten your day. But also the act painting your own nails or going to a salon to get them done gives you some time to relax and focus on yourself. Which can be a very de-stressing experience.

Get some advice

Next, if you are feeling in need of a little lift why don’t you make it a priority to get some advice. You could call a friend and talk through the problems that you are facing. Or you could try on of the psychic phone numbers out there.

You could even speak to a trusted college or a member of your church. It doesn’t really matter who you consult, as long as they are understanding and they can offer you some support and advice.

Do your hair

Getting your hair done is an old school tried and tested method of giving yourself a bit of a lift when you’re feeling down. A new hairdo can lift your spirits as well as make you feel like a new person.

But what can you do if this would be the perfect self-care activity, but it’s just too expensive to go to your regular salon? Well, you could always try volunteering to be a hair model at a training salon.

This is why they offer haircuts at a vastly reduced rate because it is learners that will be doing it.

Of course, you have to be willing to go for some of the more on trend and far out styles. But there are experienced hairdressers on hand supervising the process, in case anything goes wrong. So you don’t need to worry about that side of the equation.

Treat yourself to a night out

It can also be a great idea to treat yourself to a good night out on the town. Maybe you feeling low is a good excuse to get the girls together and head out for some cocktails?

Or why not entice your other half into dinner and movie? As spending some quality time with loved ones and friend is often a sure fire route to feeling a little happier.  

Watch something funny

Lastly, if all else fails, then a great self-care activity is to watch something funny on the TV. This could be a new show, or an old favorite that you know is guaranteed to make you giggle every time.

After all, laughing releases dopamine, which is something that you can really help to lift your mood.

Lift Your Spirits Without Resorting To Drugs


Depression in a major issue in the West. According to research done by academics in the US, women are more unhappy now than they have been in history, despite all the social progress that has been made since the 1960s. What’s driving it isn’t entirely clear, although many commentators think it has to do with the pressures of work, intense competition and the need to perform in every aspect of life.

Woman Freedom Joy Up Arms Adult Feeling Beach

For regular women, the question is what to do about it. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do without having to resort to drugs (although you should contact your doctor if you are suffering from serious bouts of depression as well as continue taking any medication as prescribed). Here are some simple ways you can lift your spirits the natural way.

Cuddle Your Favourite Furry Friend

Research has shown that people who own dogs are happier and live longer. And is that any surprise? Dogs are always in good spirits and never judge you, no matter how bad you look or feel. Dogs always want to play and, unless they are ill, have infectious amounts of energy – just what you need when you’re feeling depressed.

What’s more, simply stroking your furry friend helps to release positive endorphins, making you feel good, no matter how bad things might seem.

Get Some Uplifting Conversation In Your Life

One of the reasons many women are so unhappy is because they are so lonely. If you’ve lost loved ones, it can be hard to move on with your life and do the things you enjoy. Do anything you can. Talk to a friend, try out one of those psychic phone numbers you see posted on the internet, even sitting down with somebody you don’t know in a coffee shop can work wonders. Be brave and seek out conversations. You’re negativity won’t go anywhere if it is left to fester by itself.

Volunteer For Something

Ever wondered why so many people volunteer? Usually, it’s because giving feels good. If you’re not used to giving, give it a try. You’ll be surprised just how significant your help can be and how it can impact people who are in need. There are loads of ways to volunteer, from walking dogs to helping set up a school in the heart of Africa. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you make friends along the way and throw your all into whatever projects you get involved with.

Take A Walk In The Sun

Besides the pressures of life, another reason so many people wind up feeling down is because they don’t spend enough time in the sun. It turns out that the human body absolutely needs the sun, not just for the vitamin D, but to feel alive and healthy. Our body clocks depend on it, and so being shut indoors all day can throw them out of whack, leading to poor sleep and generally feeling miserable.

Do you have any ideas for how to lift your spirits naturally?

Living A ‘Normal’ Life During Your Pregnancy

Being pregnant is said to be one of life’s miracles, and in many ways it is. There is no other experience that comes close to your first pregnancy, and the feeling of your baby growing inside you. It can also be a very special time for you and your partner (plus any extended family) as you prepare for your new arrival. But as much as pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, for many women it is also an inconvenience of sorts. You may be a career woman with a successful business, and can’t fathom the thought of taking time off despite everyone saying you need to go on maternity leave. Or, maybe you are into fitness and want to keep being active, rather than sat at home on the couch all day just because you are pregnant. But what many people don’t realize is that life doesn’t have to stop just because you are pregnant – you can still go about your day just as you did until your due date creeps up. Here are some ways you can continue to go on ‘as normal’ even while growing your baby!


Ask for help

Sometimes, when you are pregnant, people can’t do enough for you. They take one look at the bump and make it their mission to do anything they can for you – opening doors, giving up seats and lifting heavy objects. But if you are not visibly pregnant – remember, some women hardly show at all – you may not receive this kind of help. The important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask for it, if you should need it. You shouldn’t need to go on maternity leave early just because you are no longer capable of doing certain tasks. Explain to the people around you that you are pregnant and you may need a helping hand from time to time – they will surely be happy to oblige!

Look for pain relief options

The one thing about pregnancy that they don’t show in the movies is just how much your body will change. In some cases, you may find yourself with pain in places you have never experienced it before, as a result of carrying a baby. A commonly afflicted area is the hips, as a lot of pressure is put on them by the baby. If this pain is stopping you from going about your daily activities, you may want to find how to relieve hip pain when pregnant. There’s no point suffering when there’s something that can be done about it, and with some help, you could be back on your feet in no time.


Give yourself more time

One thing to remember during pregnancy is that you still have the same capabilities as before – you may just need to go a little slower. Your body will go through may change during your pregnancy, and you will need to be prepared to change with it. Take your time with physical activities and don’t rush anything. You can still get the job done, but just go at your own pace.