Unforgettable Holiday Destinations You Should Add To Your Bucket List

Many people have a bucket list of some form, don’t they? The list of destinations all over the world they simply want to see at some point. The experiences, the memories you might get to make, it is one of those things people can spend ages daydreaming about. However, there always seems to be a common theme in terms of bucket lists. They include destinations like the USA, including some of the popular states like Los Angeles or New York. You have Australia and even New Zealand, thanks to the distance of them and the iconic sights on offer. However, it is a big world out there and while those destinations are worth seeing, I wanted to share with you some of the others you could consider adding to your bucket list.



China is one of Asia’s largest countries, and so i could be here all day stating some of the best destinations to visit. However, I thought I would highlight a few which could tempt you to adding this country onto your bucket list. Of course you have the capital of Beijing, which is a vibrant metropolis waiting to be explored. But there is one thing you should definitely do if you are making the trip and that is to see and walk part of the Great Wall Of China. An iconic wonder of the world that can actually be seen from space, would you believe? You also have Shanghai to see and the getting the chance to eat and experience authentic Chinese food. What isn’t to love?

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a central American country that has coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean. It has some amazing locations to see, not to mention some of the world most beautiful protect rainforest regions. You could start your journey at the Courtyard San Jose Airport Alajuela which gives you the ideal gateway to the capital of San Jose where you can experience the Pre-Columbian Gold museum. Not to mention the fabulous beaches that Costa rica is famed for. It may not be an obvious choice, but it certainly won’t disappoint.


Iceland is one of those destinations you have to see at least once. It has a rugged landscape which is fabulous and, depending on the time of year you go, you may also get to see the famous Northern Lights, which is breathtaking. Iceland also has a bustling capital city called Reykjavik which is known for fantastic bars and restaurants. It may be a different type of holiday to experience, but it will certainly be one that is unforgettable.


Canada is such a large country that again I could probably write a separate blog post all about the fabulous destinations but to entice you to consider it I will just name a few. First of all, if outdoor pursuits is your thing then you have the fabulous British Columbia regions which offers some of the best hiking and biking trails you can find. Vancouver or Toronto are some of the most popular cities that can really give you a holiday to reeber.

I hope that this has given you some food for thought when it comes to your bucket list.


Using Technology to Make Yourself Healthier

As technology improves, so does our way of life. A decade ago, we probably didn’t have nearly as many luxuries that have been given to us by advances in technology. For example, while there were online deliveries a decade ago, they probably weren’t nearly as fast and convenient as they are now. In addition, the choice of items on offer was probably nowhere near the level we have now. You can order virtually everything off the internet, be it medication, furniture or even a medical test.

But what about technology to help us improve our health? While we can’t exactly plug ourselves into a machine to diagnose the problems with our body (yet!) we can still use technology to our advantage to help us feel better and make us healthier. To get you started, here are a couple of ways to use technology for the sake of your health.


Technology can naturally improve our lives, and our health is no exception!

Online Diagnosis

While it’s not recommended to try and fully diagnose yourself using online resources, it can be beneficial to take a look online on the symptoms that you’re experiencing when you’re ill so you can get a rough idea of why it’s happening and how to temporarily relieve the symptoms. Just make sure to take every piece of advice you see with a grain of salt. Simply head to an online symptom checker to get a rough idea of what could be wrong with you so that you can take the appropriate actions.

Mobile Appointments

But why stop at just self-diagnosing yourself? You could also take it a step further by seeing GPs powered by Babylon, a mobile-enabled GP service that promises to connect you with professional doctors over your phone. While your doctor won’t be able to physically examine you (for obvious reasons) you can point your phone’s camera to your body so that they can inspect you visually. This is usually enough to see surface issues and if it’s not serious, your doctor can prescribe you medication that can be picked up on the same day to help you quickly feel better.

Fitness Tracking

We also can’t forget that technology has given us all kinds of sensors and trackers that can help us keep an eye on our fitness. A simple fitness band can keep track of all our activities so that you can see how many miles you’re running, how many steps you’re taking and how fast your heart is beating. There are plenty of ways to make use of these statistics and they can form the basis of a solid fitness routine.

Wealth of Information

Lastly, we can’t forget that the internet has helped us build a whole wealth of information on the internet that could help us improve our lives. This article is just one example of helpful information that will boost your health levels, so do a quick Google search on healthy living blogs and you’ll soon find yourself swamped with choices on what to read. Whether it’s keeping your skin healthy during winter or what to eat to cure a hangover, there’s something out there that you can relate to.

House Move Hacks

Moving to a new house is hard work. It’s actually thought to be one of the most stressful things you will ever do and the fact that we seem to do it much more often than previous generations doesn’t seem to mean that we are any better at it. In large part, this stress is caused by how long it takes to complete a move. You spend time finding a new house, packing up the old one and moving, only to find you’ve got to unpack, set up utilities and let a huge amount of people know your new address. It’s far from a one day job and can easily drag on for months. However, there are some great hacks to make your home move easier. Here is a look at some of the best.



When it comes to a big job like a house move, lists are your very best friend. Write to-do lists, schedules and plans for absolutely everything and cross off what you’ve done. This will help to keep you on track and organised while boosting your morale.


It can be hard to picture your furniture in a different place, which makes it hard to know what will fit where. Measure the rooms and your furniture and make yourself small paper floor plans, with little furniture cutouts. Use these to figure out where you are going to put everything, making a move much easier.

Find Free Boxes

You can buy boxes online for a small fortune. Or, you can find free ones. Look on Gumtree to see if there are any available or phone your local supermarkets to ask if they can save you some after their deliveries. Most are only too willing to help as they just get recycled anyway.

Bin Bags

Large black bin bags are handy for packing hung clothes, bedding and soft furnishings. They are much easier to carry than boxes too.


Label every box with as much detail as you can. This way they’ll all go straight to the right rooms, making unpacking much easier.


The back of your TV and computer is probably home to plenty of wires. All of which have to be plugged into the right port to work. This can be a nightmare when you move. Take photos of everything before you unplug anything so that you’ve got a reference to work from.


It’s tempting to hire a van and try to do the move yourself. But, this can make things much harder, especially if you’ve got a lot of large furniture. Shiply can help you find the right help for your job at a fair price.

First Night Box

On your first night in your new house, the last thing you want to be doing is trawling through your boxes looking for toothbrushes, pyjamas and bedding. Pack a first night box with everything you need for a comfortable night. You should also pack a separate box with any important documents and your passports so that they don’t get lost in the move.

Screw Safety

If you are taking any of your furniture apart for the move, you need to keep the screws safe. Put them in a sealed plastic bag and tape them to a large part of the piece to keep them safe.

Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to complete your move to avoid rushing or forgetting things. Then, you can focus on making it look great. Good Luck!

Introducing Space Into Any Room


Whenever people go house hunting, they always look for one thing – space. Whether it’s in the form of storage or room size, space is something everyone would love. But the bigger the house, the bigger the price tag. Luckily, there are ways to create the illusion of space within any room. Some of these tips are more aesthetic, and others need a bit of construction to achieve, but they all work well on their own and together.

Neutral Colours

Dark or bright colours can make a room seem a lot smaller than it actually is, so painting the room in neutral colours definitely works in your favour. If you don’t want a completely cream room, they why not create a colourful feature wall with wallpaper or paint. If the wall you’ve chosen is quite large, then break it up with a sideboard white, pale pine or dove grey. This will also help to create levels and extra storage in the room.


Glass in the form of windows, tables and accessories glass really opens up the room. Full-length windows or French doors allow in a lot of light and opens up the room to the outside, doubling your space. Glass topped tables give the illusion of having less furniture in the room, where heavy wooden furniture soaks up the space.

Spot Lights

Lights in the centre of the room brightens up the middle of the room, dimming in the corners. And where this creates a cosy space, it also makes it feel smaller. Using spot lights, or ceiling light fixtures with multiple shades lights up the entire room without cutting corners. If you still want the cosy feel, use a dimming light switch to moderate the amount of light you use.


Clutter is the worst thing to have when trying to create an open space. But every home has some. The trick is to use crafty storage to tuck the big stuff away and be strict with how much you put out on display. Using boxes and baskets inside cupboards doubles your storage space and lets you really utilise the space available.


Using different levels in the room makes the place look much larger. Place shelves high on the wall, and use a lower coffee table. Tall vases draw the eye upwards, as do photo frames hung on the wall. Place your pictures in various sized frames with different depths, and hang them in a mosaic fashion to make the most of the space.


Using blinds instead of curtains will immediately create space by taking away the heavy fabrics. Removing curtains from the room can make the place a little colder, so opt for layered fabric to add an airy and light feel, rather than filling the room with heaviness, the layered look will make the window look larger and let in more light. You could also reserve the heavy curtains for the colder months and switch them out over summer.

3 Questions You Ask Yourself When You See Old People

There’s always a time when you need to sit down and rethink your life and what you want it to be. For most people, this happens around New Year’s time, but it could also be the result of a major let down or the opportunity to try something new. Whatever the reason, when you think of improving your life, it can be anything from picking a new career to starting a family. Life is the complex combination of several choices and habits that you choose to generate happiness. It’s about creating happiness in the immediate future, as most people find it tricky to think beyond the next few years. But what about old age? Let me tell you about the thoughts that everyone shares in silence when they see old people in the street. We ask ourselves three very specific questions, and the answers to these questions bring new options to define your life happiness.


What would I look like at their age?

It’s a fair question to ask, because whether you like it or not, everyone wants to look good, regardless of how old they are. Looking good, however, has a different meaning, depending on your age. In your 20s, it’s being able to wear tight and short clothes. In your 30s, it’s about staying slim and professional-looking as a busy mama. In your 40s, it’s about hiding your first wrinkles, and so on! In your 70s, looking good means being healthy. Unfortunately being healthy in your old age starts now. You need to take care of your body and mind today if you want them to stay fit tomorrow. This means maintaining muscle mass, improving your flexibility, keeping a strong heart, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and helping your mind to stay at peace.

What if I can’t deal on my own?

If you are worried about finishing like your Great Aunty Molly who was half-mad and needed a daily carer, then you need to be reassured: taking care of your mind and body will help limit the damages of time. However, there will come a moment when you might find it difficult to deal with other issues of old age, such as loneliness, depression, and feeling of worthlessness. It’s what happens when old people stay in their homes until the end. Suddenly the home feels too big, too cold and all the shops are too far away. Will you end in one of those Porthaven care homes instead? Don’t fear! Care homes are not only for people who can’t cope physically or mentally. They also provide a peaceful and positive environment for those who don’t want to feel isolated.

How will people remember me when I’m gone?

Dying is a terrible but inevitable prospect. While nobody is ready to go, you can’t avoid the question: What do you want to be remembered for? Whether it is your kindness, your mind, your creativity, it’s obvious that you need to pick qualities that you use regularly. In other words, answering this question helps you to define your priority in life.

Being happy in life is relative. After all, life changes all the time. But thinking today of what tomorrow might be made of is the best way to build a happy future, even in old age. Keeping fit, knowing that there are options when you can’t cope on your own, and leading a life you are proud of; these are the secrets of an older happy you.

Where To Find Inspiration When Innovating Your Home

When you want to change the home in look, design, or utility, there’s a certain creativity you need to have. That creativity that leads to good decision making is powered by inspiration. Some people are just brimming with ideas at all times, but that doesn’t mean everyone is always going to have such an easy time of it. If you’re feeling like your head is an empty book when it comes to interior design ideas, it’s good to know where to find a little inspiration.


Think needs

It’s simple enough. What does your home lack that you really need? Are you lacking a space where you can focus and get work done? Is it feeling too claustrophobic and could use changes to open up more space? Is it too dark, necessitating a new window or a brighter colour scheme? Figure out the features you really want to have in your home and start from there. There’s a good chance that your needs might not be enough to justify a full renovation, but thinking about them first is going to ensure that you don’t forget anything important, at least.

Think mood

Design needs and décor wants are two entirely different things, of course. If you know the kind of mood or the general look you want the home to attain but you don’t know the steps that are going to get you there, then getting interior design advice from someone with industry experience might be a good idea. Sometimes we just don’t know enough about the different designs, the different brands, and even the different terms out there to fully articulate our wants. Looking to the experts for help can make that much easier.

Think money

If you’re redesigning your primary residence and not an investment home, then thinking about home value first and foremost isn’t the most sensible approach. Your subjective experience should matter more than objective cash value. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider looking at the renovations that help you achieve both at the same time. For instance, focusing on curb appeal, or fitting in a new kitchen or bathroom can help you add value both as far as the market’s concerned and as far as you’re concerned.

Think exploration

If you really don’t have any ideas, then perhaps it might be time to start exploring and finding what styles really appeal to you. There are a lot of places on the internet to find inspiration for any kind of design, any kind of mood, and any room. But Pinterest is perhaps the best place to both browse and collate all these ideas at once and there are some great home decor accounts worth following. Create your own design boards that can help you put together your individual tastes piece by piece. You can pin any image you find on any site or social media network, too.

The more sources you look at, the more experts you consult, and the more you think about your needs and wants, the easier it becomes to find that inspiration. Before too long, you’ll have more ideas than you can realistically implement.

What Sets European Skiing Apart?

If you’ve ever thought about taking a skiing holiday, then you’ve probably wondered what the difference is between places like Europe and North America. European ski trips are an ever popular choice, and here we’re going to discuss what sets them apart from other choices out there. If a ski trip is something you’re considering, you’ve come to the right place!


Fine Dining Is Everywhere

There are so many fine dining opportunities when it comes to staying at European ski resort – delicious food is gauranteed. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad everywhere else; just that it’s exceptional here. There will often be reservations from people who aren’t even skiing at a resort – that’s how good the food is!  

High Standards Are Always Ensured

Although there are many resorts suited to skiers of different ability levels, the high standards of European slopes are maintained across the board. Let’s say you want a luxury European ski experience; you can experience real Meribel luxury without having to be a pro skier. Many resorts welcome all ability levels, and you will get world class service wherever you go. The only thing you might find annoying is the queue on the way to get in a ski lift, but that can hardly be helped.

There’s A Focus On The Overall Experience

Sure, many serious skiers will visit European slopes and want to do nothing but ski. However, a real focus is put on the overall experience of visitors here. You can come with your friends and family, whatever their ability level, and have a really good time. You definitely don’t need to ski all day to have a fantastic experience!

There Are Real Mountains For You To Ski

In Europe, you’ll be able to ski on some actual mountains, rather than hills. Europeans don’t use names to make them sound scarier either; you’ll often find a less than terrifying slope in the USA called something absolutely ridiculous to make skiers feel like they’re taking on something huge. European mountains and slopes have much more elegant names.

The Parties

Because you don’t want to spend the whole time skiing, right? The parties at European ski resorts can’t really be beaten. It isn’t frowned upon if you want a drink during the day, but please take altitude into account, and stay hydrated! At night time (or once you’ve finished in the afternoon), you can enjoy a beer out of a real beer glass and some great music with like minded people.

Now you know what sets European skiing apart, it’s time to book your ski holiday! Bear in mind, you should probably do a little more research before you go right out and book your stay at a resort. Perhaps small slopes with scary names in the USA are going to be more your thing? Unless you look at a variety of sources, you’ll never know.

Have you been skiing in Europe, or are you planning a trip? Make sure you leave your thoughts, tips, and comments below!