My Guide To Making A Huge Impact With Your Home Decor

Who doesn’t want to make a huge impact with their home decor? I mean, you spent enough money buying/renting, you want to make sure it looks amazing not only to you but to your guests too. These tips will help you to make a huge impact, so you can really have fun with your decor and show off what you’re about!

Make A Feature Wall

A feature wall or two in the home can be a wonderful way to show off your skills and personality. You don’t want too many of these in the home, so if you’re going to have one anywhere I suggest having one in the living room. Possibly the bedroom. How you create this feature wall is totally up to you. You can use artwork, paint something yourself, quotes, accessories, whatever you like. There are lots of other tutorials out there to help you specifically create your feature wall.

Mix And Match Your Furniture

Don’t feel the need to match your furniture all the time. It doesn’t need to be done! You can mix it up and it’ll look incredible, providing you find something that will make them cohesive. For example, you could have bits of furniture of different styles, but if a colour ties them in they will look far more cohesive. You can find great pieces to mix or match on sites like Multiyork.



Make Sure You Show Off Your Personality

What’s the point in having your own home if you’re not showing off your personality? You should want people to know that it’s you who lives there! You can show off your personality by using your favourite colours and patterns, showing off your styling skills, displaying any collections you may own, etc.

Mix Patterns And Colours

Mixing patterns and colours will give your home more of a funky look. Some people like their homes to look neutral, but this doesn’t always make the impact that you want it to. By mixing colours and patterns you can make your home decor look far more interesting and fun. This is a must if you want your home to look fun and exciting!

Include As Much Texture As Possible

By including as much texture as possible, you’ll stop your home decor from looking dull. A home without texture is definitely dull. You can include texture in your rugs, throws, cushions, whatever you like. As long as there’s lots of it and you’ve chosen a few different kinds to get the effect that you want.

The key to making a huge impact with your home decor is making sure that it suits you, and that you love it. If you love your home decor, it won’t matter if it’s to anybody else’s tastes or not.  They might not consider it for their own home, but they’ll appreciate that your home tells a bit about who you are as a person! What could be better than that? Don’t follow the crowd when it comes to your home decor. Have fun with it and see what you can do.

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