Spring into Spring with a Bright and Breezy Bedroom Makeover


Spring is in the air. The days are lengthening, the nights are growing milder, and daffodils sprout beside every road. That long dormant urge to be outside is stirring in all of us, making a walk through bluebell carpeted woods seem nothing short of idyllic. With the air crisp and the colours vibrant, optimism hangs like a pale cloud in the sky.

This makes spring the perfect time to update your bedroom. Although winter calls for soft fur throws, deep crimson tones, and thick velvet curtains, this aesthetic is entirely unsuitable for the milder days to come, which offers you the ideal excuse to freshen up your furnishings. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, then here are a few ideas to help you…

#1: Spring Colours

Springtime has a unique aesthetic. Although winter days are dark and gloomy, a return to milder climes is heralded by bright spring colours. Yellow daffodils stand in clusters along the grass verges, the countryside is a patchwork of verdant green fields, and the sky shines bright and blue. This is the colour palette that you need to adopt. Duck egg blues, buttery yellows, and mint greens are perfect for accents and accessories, so invest in some new and appropriately coloured cushions and bedding to freshen up your furnishings.

#2: Florals

Flowers are always a welcome sight after the cold, gloomy days of winter, and florals are the perfect springtime ode for your bedroom. Curtains, feature wallpaper, accessories, and bedding are all available in quaint, antiquated flower prints, and these go perfectly with pale furnishings to freshen up your boudoir. Couple them with some white-painted wicker furniture, this Julian Bowen Paris bed from BedzRus, and pale diaphanous curtains, and you’ll have a room perfectly evocative of springtime chic.

#3: Scents

Aesthetics are important when you’re trying to capture a certain theme through your furnishings, but your eyes are not the only sense to appeal to. Springtime abounds with fresh, clean scents, and it’s often a nice touch to try and replicate these. Scented candles are your best weapon, and companies like Yankee have a wide range of seasonal specials to help you get it right. Browse their offerings and enjoy a special sensory treat before choosing your favourite to take home with you.

Reinvigorate your house in time for spring with these handy decorating hints.

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