How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Living Space

A lot of us can spend a lot of time at home. Our living spaces are so important. But some of these spaces are smaller than others. But they still need to be versatile for many of us. Some of us may use our space to work from home. We may exercise in them. We might just use them to relax in after a hard day at the office. However we use those living spaces of ours, it’s vital we get the most out of them. There are plenty of ways we can make more use of our smaller living spaces. Creating the perfect place for what we need it to be. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your small living space.


Leave your windows uncovered to make use of the light.

Daylight is a powerful tool and something free that you should utilise. Daylight can give the illusion of a brighter bigger space.

Decorate the room with light and airy colours.

A white or pale colour palette can make a room look a lot larger than it is. Darker colours can make a room feel cosy. But it can absorb the light making the room feel closed in instead of making it feel big.

Make the most of your flooring.

A wooden flooring can make a room look and feel much bigger than it is. A lighter colour would be recommended. Wooden flooring manufacturer, Ted Todd have a fantastic selection.


Make use of furniture with hidden storage elements.

Clutter can make a room feel more closed in and smaller. The less that is on show the better. So making use of furniture with hidden storage is a must for making the most out of the space you have.

Hang shelves as high as possible and coordinate.

Hanging shelves high will draw the eye upwards. This can give them the impression of a room feeling more taller. Colour and size coordinating the books or items within the shelving show’s structure. This will give a streamlined effect.

Be clever with your furniture choices.

A few statement pieces of furniture is a fantastic way to draw the eye exactly where you want it. But it can’t be too much otherwise the room can feel cluttered or overbearing. This is where making some clever choices can make all the difference. Glass pieces, for example, doesn’t take too much visual capacity but still offer functionality.

Don’t stick to the rules.

Who says your space has to have certain things in it. You can break all the rules to make this space usable for exactly what you need it to be. If you require an office space, then make it unique to your work. If it needs to have functionality, then make it that way. If it’s a living space, there is no rule that it must have a sofa or a TV.

Declutter the space.

A messy space can look like a small space. So it’s recommended not to have too much clutter out and on show. If it’s a small space, it needs to be functional for what you want. So make sure every item has a home.

Use mirrors to create the illusions of space.

Using mirrors in the room allows the natural light to bounce off it making a room feel and appear bigger than it is. Having a couple dotted about or a mixture of mirrored and glass objects could be a great way of making your small space much larger.

Use your wall space.

Using the wall space is the perfect place to free up more space in your room. If you have a flat screen TV, you could hang it on the wall. If you have featured art display, it to draw the eyes to it.  

Use houseplants to create a relaxing vibe.

Including some greenery in the room can create a relaxing vibe in the space you have. They are a great decorative feature to a room without taking up too much space.

Keep it clean.

A clean space is always going to look larger and brighter.

Make sure your furniture fits the scale of your room.

Making sure you keep your furniture to scale is essential to giving the room visual appeal and looking larger. Also, a little tip would be to pull some of the bigger furniture away from the walls a little. This gives an illusion of spatial awareness.

I hope this simple guide will allow you to make better use of the small spaces in your houses or apartments. Remember, every space can have a function. It just needs to be styled the right way.

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