The Benefits Of Staying In A Holiday Apartment

When was the last time you stayed in a holiday apartment? Was it a long time ago? Why?

Staying in hotels is OK, but you don’t get really ever get to be your own boss. For all the talk of amazing luxury and customer service, you’re still, after all that, playing by somebody else’s rules. That’s why staying in your own holiday apartment next time you go away can be such a breath of fresh air. There’s so much freedom.


You Can Eat Breakfast Whenever You Want

Don’t you just hate it when you arrive at the B & B and the first thing they do is give you a tiny little bit of paper with all the breakfast options on it? You don’t know what you’ll want to eat tomorrow morning. So, you have a guess. Eggs? Tick. Bacon? Tick. Sausage? Better not tell the wife. Tick? Black pudding? I’d never normally eat this, but I’m on holiday, so tick.

Come the next day and all the previous night’s decisions play out like one grand, deterministic pocket watch. But, my friends, it needn’t be like that at all. In a holiday apartment you get to choose what you want to eat and when you want to eat it.

I think that this is a great boon to anyone. If you’re a vegetarian, you don’t have to make do with scrambled egg on toast. If you’re a regular meat eater, you’ll avoid the black pudding. And in doing so, your holiday is less likely to be cut short by a coronary.

You Spend Less

Staying in a holiday apartment is always going to cost less than staying in an equivalently well equipped hotel. Why? Because you don’t have to pay the wages of an army of hotel staff endlessly faffing about whilst you’re trying to enjoy your holiday.

Often, if you’re prepared to do the cooking yourself, you can actually get somewhere far nicer than if you spent the money on a hotel stay. Prices for popular destinations can be found on sites like They’re a lot lower than you might think.

Pack Your Pooch

Most holiday apartments allow you to bring your own pet. And that’s more important than it sounds at first. It’s not that you love your pet so much that you can’t bear to spend a week without it. It’s that when you go away to a hotel, you have to go through all the extra hassle of finding somebody to look after it.

But in a holiday home, you can relax. Just take the dog with you.

Bring The Whole Family Together

Holidaying in an apartment or in a holiday home is a great opportunity to get everyone together. Holiday apartments and homes can cater for all but the largest of family groups.

Plus, because there’s usually a fixed cost depending on how long you stay, it pays to get everyone involved. When everyone shares the load, you get a cost-effective holiday, you bring the entire family together and you can celebrate in style. Whether it’s a weekend trip to Barcelona or a couple of weeks in the Algarve, holiday apartments are a great base to build lasting memories.



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