How To Turn That Spare Room Back Into A Bedroom

Are you embarrassed when guests stay the night but all you can offer them is the sofa? Even though many of us have a spare bedroom, it is often used for anything but sleeping. It might have become a walk in wardrobe or a home office. Maybe it’s a gym, a playroom, or even a music practice room? Chances are it’s a junk room. Everything you don’t use that often but won’t throw away gets dumped in there, making the room unusable and unattractive. It’s time to reclaim the space and put it to good use!

Start by being ruthless. You need to get permanently rid of things you don’t use anymore that are blocking up your valuable space. You can sell them on auction websites to be rid of them quickly, or maybe even hold a tabletop sale. It’s never easy parting with a hoard, but it will be essential if you want that bedroom to be functional again.

Strip the room bare. It’s time to get decorating. Start by prepping the walls and repairing any cracks or dents. Give the ceiling a couple of coats of paint in both natural and artificial light to ensure a good finish. Next come the walls. While you want something reasonably light and neutral, you don’t have to settle for a creamy magnolia colour. Choose mochas or taupes to add a little flavour.

Once the skirting boards are fresh again, you can have a good quality carpet installed. This will help soften the room and make it more practical for use as a bedroom. Now you can think about all the other uses you’ll have for your room when nobody is sleeping in it. Chances are you’ll want a desk in there. Can this double up as a cute dressing table for your guests? Sofa beds are ideal for spare rooms because they can be returned to seating mode when you want to play some games, enjoy your knitting or quiet reading.

Not all spare bedrooms have a wardrobe. Guests don’t often require hanging space if they’re staying just for one night. But if you have the space, a wardrobe could also store your off season coats, and other things you want to stow out of the way. If your spare room doubles as a reading room, why not put up some bookshelves? The more storage solutions you have, the more you can do with this multipurpose room.

As a guest bedroom, you will need to have a mirror and some
attractive lighting. If this room has an ensuite, you might even pop some nice toiletries and products in there ready for your guests. Find somewhere to hang some towels for your guests too. You can find portable towel rails online that can be moved about in the room to suit you. Finally, pick a nice bedding set that complements the room and looks attractive. Vacuum packing it when not in use will keep it out of the way and ready for a last minute guest.

Love your spare room by giving it a makeover. Wall art, curtains and rugs help complete the home-away-from-home look. Now you can welcome your guests to enjoy their comfortable stay.

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