Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

This is one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes because:

– it has awesome matte browns. I always use them in my crease when I’m doing more a smokey look.
– salted caramel is the perfect warm transition shade on my NC-30/35 complexion
– the colours are, in general, very rich, pigmented, they blend very easily, and if you wet your brush you’ll love them even more
– there are 2 highlight colours: a matte one and a shimmery one and both are bigger than the rest and I really appreciate having both options
– it smells heavenly

What I don’t like:

– there are a few shades (cherry cordial, black forest truffle…) that have chunks of glitter in them and they’re not the best. The glitter in them is not the most beautiful and they’re not as pigmented as the other normal shimmery shades like crème brulée, hazelnut, marzipan, etc, that are gorgeous. I mean, they still work but not as awesome as the rest.
– the pink shade (strawberry bon bon) is so bad. I don’t get why is in the palette in the first place (matte baby pink), it doesn’t inspire me at all, I really don’t get it and the quality is really bad, the pigmentation is awful and it is very powdery. I don’t touch it.

If you like neutrals I would totally recommend this palette, you can make a lot of different things with it and the quality, overall, is great.

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