Elie Saab – Le Parfum Resort Collection


Resort collection tried to set itself apart from other Le Parfum flankers while keeping the main theme going.

I have to say that it partially succeeded! It is in fact different. It is sweeter, fruitier and has that aquatic vibe. However, it fell in the mainstream trap!

This is my least favourite Le Parfum. Not saying that it’s bad. Not at all it’s very pleasant, just mainstream!

First blast is technically pure orange blossom. Then some fig, some frangipani appears. Just a light touch. The orange blossom will always be the dominant note. Finally it dries own into a soft sort of a fig dessert.

It’s good… Just not as elegant or sophisticated as the others are. Maybe that was the point of the designer. Which in return makes you feel that his creation is a bit overpriced. Performance wise, it’s decent.

All in all, a good perfume for some younger ladies trying to find an appropriate Elie Saab perfume. Just not so much for those who love the EDP or even the EDT. Both of them!

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