Hotel Rooms vs. Serviced Apartments in Bucharest


The possibility of staying in an apartment instead of a hotel room in Bucharest is an option that is often overlooked.  A research study to examine the difference between the two accommodation facilities shows that a hotel room will usually have a fridge that is mostly filled with over-priced drinks and has no facilities for cooking and often no facilities for cleaning clothes. A recent disappointing trend is of hotels to charge 8-10 Euro for the wireless internet by using prepaid cards (they only work in the lobby), or a monthly fee available for about 150 Euro per month which will give internet access in the hotel room. In other words, no matter how many days are spent in the hotel, if internet access is required in the hotel room the fee is still for a whole month.

An apartment will ideally have a fridge which is entirely empty for storing food and ingredients for your own cooking (it will have an entirely supplied kitchen). Apartments tend to have a fry-pan, two pots of different sizes, a toaster for your cooking, coffee maker and they also supply coffee and sugar. They also have free broadband internet access in most of the cases wireless.

Some apartments for rent in Bucharest will have a washing machine and dryer in the room and is not common to have communal facilities for washing clothes. In any case there will be some option for washing clothes that doesn’t cost an excessive amount of money.

Another significant difference that is commonly seen between apartments and hotels in Bucharest is the layout (which is dictated to a large degree by the size). An apartment will have walls fully separating it into separate rooms. One apartment I stayed in had one separate bedroom (with door), a kitchen which was separated by a door from the rest of the apartment, and a lounge/dining area. That made it possible to have business meetings in the lounge area while someone slept in the bedroom. There is a significant difference in principle between inviting a business associate to the lounge area of an apartment and inviting them to a hotel room…

Apartments in Bucharest often tend to be less expensive than hotel rooms even though they need more space for the kitchen and don’t drive revenue from a mini-bar or a hotel restaurant.

Pros and cons for the serviced apartments in Bucharest


  • more space
  • layout offers more privacy than a hotel would (separated rooms)
  • complete freedom to entertain guests the way you want to
  • more privacy
  • more homely feel
  • you don’t have to eat out all the time
  • a fry-pan and pots in the kitchen
  • a refrigerator stocked with your favorite foods
  • a washer in the apartment instead of continually sending clothes out for cleaning
  • apartment embraces the culture of the local area more than a hotel room
  • rates are per apartment and not per person so there can be significant financial savings from sharing the apartment
  • financially more reasonable than a hotel
  • free internet access


  • involves more internet research
  • in case of emergency, no immediate help
  • less security
  • breakfast not served
  • cleaned usually twice a week
  • bed sheets not changed every day
  • less chance of additional amenities, like a sauna or pool area
  • less chance of services in the same building
  • more likely to disappoint you
  • more likely to surprise you unpleasantly

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