Geneva: A Great Base for a Great Holiday


Geneva, with its central location and rich transport links, is very easy to work into a European holiday itinerary. Despite this, it doesn’t always appear on many people’s preferred holiday destinations – which is a shame as the city and its surrounding area has so much to offer. If you’re wondering whether or not to visit, take a look at the reasons below:


There are a huge number of places to go skiing near Geneva and transport links to nearby resorts are excellent. Overlooked by the alabaster slopes of the legendary Mount Blanc, the area’s rich transport network and mountainous surroundings mean that it’s only a short journey to any number of world-renowned ski resorts. What’s more, if you want to visit several different resorts during your holiday, Geneva provides an excellent base. For some of the best skiing near Geneva, consider taking a few days to enjoy the slopes at Le Grand Bornand or Lez Carroz, both less than an hour away from the city.

Transport Hub

Geneva’s transport links make it not only convenient for skiers, but for anyone hoping to explore the surrounding area. Basing your holiday here puts you within easy distance of the stunning Swiss countryside, rugged mountains, gorgeous Lake Geneva, and any number of nearby cities and towns. Geneva is also better served by budget airlines than almost any other city in Europe, making it not only convenient in terms of travel, but affordable as well. Whether you’re visiting other locations, hiking in the surrounding areas or skiing near Geneva, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to travel. A Geneva Transport Card will give you access to free public transportation around the city itself.


The area surrounding the city is famed for its beauty. From the imposing, dignified face of Mont Blanc to the lush Swiss countryside, there is a lot to love. As if that weren’t enough, the city is built on the banks of the picturesque Lake Geneva, one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. Lake Geneva truly has to be seen to be believed, and it has inspired countless paintings, poems (including Byron’s famous tribute to the lake) and musicians (famously Deep Purple, who immortalised the accidental destruction of a casino during a Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention concert in Smoke on the Water). Surrounding the lake are numerous natural parks and nature reserves, for those tempted by the prospect of a good hiking trail.

The City Itself

Whether you’re considering hiking, stopping over or going skiing near Geneva, try to set aside a few days to spend in the city itself. The broad streets and tall buildings are a striking sight, it is culturally rich, and there are some wonderful restaurants. Clockwork enthusiasts may want to enjoy the city’s rich watchmaking tradition with a visit to the Patek Philippe Museum.

While not usually mentioned in the same breath as many of Europe’s main tourist cities, Geneva is nonetheless well worth a visit. Whatever your tastes or your broader plans for your holidayPsychology Articles, there’s certainly something for you in Switzerland’s capital city.

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