5 Easy Tricks to Clean Windows and Mirrors


Washing windows is one of those chores that takes time and devotion. However, there are tricks that can save time and make the window cleaning process much easier. Some of them are presented below.

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Specialists advise to avoid cleaning windows in sunny weather when the sun is shining strong. The reason is that windows will dry very fast and you won’t wipe them clean on time, leaving spots and streaks behind. That’s why, it’s better to perform your cleaning task when is cloudy outside, so the windows won’t dry fast and you will have the time to remove all stains and smudges.

2. Grab A Newspaper

Using newspapers for window cleaning is the most popular practice, leaving no indows streaks, lint and smears. Not only does it really work well, but paper and ink acts as a light abrasive and give a flawless look to windows. All you need is a window cleaning spray and a newspaper. Spray the windows with the cleaning solution and wipe them dry with the newspaper. Don’t forget to put rubber gloves on your hands so they won’t get dirty and colored.

3. Use Paper Coffee Filters

If your windows are covered in lint by the time you finish cleaning, then next time consider cleaning them with coffee filters. It’s a lightly more modern way than cleaning with newspapers. Coffee filters are cheap and very absorbent. Besides, if you start using them instead of newspapers, you will prevent both the appearance of a fuzzy coat on your windows and ink stains on your hands. You just have to dip the filters into the cleaner, wipe the windows, and dry them off with a new, dry filter. Your windows will sparkle without any residue on them.

4. Use Erasers

Blackboard erasers remind us of our school years. Actually, they are not useful just at school, they do a great job at home, too. They are the perfect tool for removing streaks, so you can include them in your window cleaning routine. The procedure is the following:

– wash and dry your windows;

– run a clean and dry blackboard eraser over them.

You’ll see the diamond-like look of your windows without any streaks.

5. Make Your Own Cleaner

Homemade glass cleaners do the same job as the expensive, commercial ones. Moreover, homemade cleaners are cheap, natural, and environmentally safe. So next time when your commercial cleaner runs out, thoroughly rinse out the spray bottle and use it for your home made window cleaner. The recipe for it is: 2 tablespoons ammonia, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol and 1/4 teaspoon dishwashing liquid. Pour the mixture into the spray bottlePsychology Articles, spray the windows and wipe them. You will be fascinated by the final results.

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