Visiting Sloane Square, in London


When people speak about the west side of London, quite often they’ll mention a range of locations including Sloane Square. Amusingly though, if questioned, many will admit to knowing the name but not knowing exactly where it is or what’s there that’s worth visiting!

Let’s put that right with some information below.


Sloan Square is on the west side of London and sits astride the boundaries of Chelsea, Belgravia and Knightsbridge. It is in one of the most desirable parts of London from a property and real estate point of view. Historically, it was developed in the 1770s by the successors of Sir Hans Sloane (1660–1753), which is where the name Sloane Square came from.

Why it’s Famous

Although it’s perhaps odd to think so, for most people above a certain age the square is most commonly associated the ‘Sloanies’ or ‘Sloan Rangers’ of the 1980s – typically young, high-income people who gained a reputation for a free-wheeling and heavy spending lifestyle. (The term also had slightly negative connotations and could be used in the accusative form.) However, that’s now becoming almost ancient history.

Today, the square is best known for a famous department store (Peter Jones) and the (arguably) even more famous Royal Court Theatre. The latter is world-renowned as being the cradle of new writing talent, and many works that went on to achieve global success actually premiered in this small but important venue. Examples include works such as ‘Look Back in Anger’. The square also houses Cadogan Hall, a concert venue.

The area is also well-known in London for its hotels and restaurants. As you would imagine, given the prestigious location, most of these are up-market establishments aiming at tourists, local well-heeled residents and theatre-goers. You’ll find a huge selection of cuisines to choose from and some of the local hotels are well-known for their restaurants. You can dine out very well in and around the square, although it’s perhaps not likely to be a location for those looking for budget dining.

Odd Facts

It’s not widely known that one of London’s tiny and virtually forgotten rivers, the Westbourne, is actually diverted over the top of the local tube station here in a large pipe. The local underground is also one of the prime locations for buskers. Although London Transport has made periodic and even partly successful efforts to remove them, they do re-appear in areas frequented by tourists. You’ll see plenty of performers around Sloan Square – although some, it has to be said, can appear to be of questionable musical talent.

Want to Visit?

This small square is well located at the very heart of London’s entertainment districts.
Staying at one of the local hotels will position you to explore all that the West End has to offer. Of course, hotels here do not exactly come cheaply, although you may find some that are more reasonably priced not too far away.

If you’re looking for a busy vibe and a brilliant location from which to explore LondonHealth Fitness Articles, Sloane Square and its surrounding areas might well prove to be ideal base for you.

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