Visiting Kensington’s Museums: Outer Space And Polish Exiles


Visiting Kensington is an indispensable item on the itinerary for anyone staying in London. With its amazing and varied shopping opportunities, its beautiful gardens and green spaces, and its stunning Georgian architecture, there is always somewhere to explore and something to do. If what you are looking for, however, is the chance to learn new things and view incredible artefacts from all over the world, there are plenty of museums around the area, too.

Discover Outer Space from a New Perspective

Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age is a wonderful exhibition that can be found at The Science Museum, which is situated in the heart of Kensington. From September 2015 until March 2016, you can visit and learn more on the riveting story of how Russia achieved the dream of space travel when, in 1957, it launched the world’s first artificial satellite, the famous Sputnik.

Boasting the most remarkable collection of Russian spacecraft ever to be on display in the UK, when you’re visiting Kensington this exhibition is a wonderful alternative to the busier streets, as well as an intellectual safe haven on a rainy day.

The Men Involved in Space Travel

Heading into outer space is no mean feat, and this exhibition portrays cosmonauts with as much respect as it does their spacecraft. From the difficulties that become the norm when you live in a space station to the superstitions held by those living there, Cosmonauts is a wonderful chance to put a face and a name to those behind some of the most important achievements of the twentieth century.

And the Women, Too!

Although men have dominated space travel from its infancy, Cosmonauts doesn’t forget about the women who also made history. In a fascinating section of the exhibition, you can learn all about Valentina Tereshkova, who, in 1963, became the first woman to go to space. A textile worker and amateur parachutist, Tereshkova competed against 399 other candidates for the chance to travel aboard Vostok 6, and became an inspiration to girls and women who had never before aspired to pursue careers in science and technology.

I Like This! What Else Can I Visit?

Do you want to learn more about history or observe fascinating relics from far and wide? Visiting Kensington will prove a great choice! The Victoria & Albert Museum boasts exhibitions ranging from architecture and fashion to books and metalwork, and it is free and open daily.

You will also find The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum, founded in 1945 by Polish exiles that lived in London when Poland came under post-war Soviet control. It contains thousands of artefacts from the war, as well as photographs and documents, and it is a great hidden gem for World War II fanatics.

Travelling to London, and visiting Kensington in particular, can truly allow you to feel like you’ve entered another place and era, within just a few minutes’ walk of the modern centres of the city.

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