Single women travellers in Dubai safety issues and precautions to be taken


Safety and security for solo women:

There are quite a number of safety instances that women encounter here if they wear clothes that would expose their shoulders, thighs and hips. But when safety is considered, Dubai travel is almost safe and secure for women and there are police men and security personnel found in every street.

It is best to rent a car and ride a taxi to explore the city and it is good to have a note of the taxi agency and the driver’s number handy to get around the city. Women could chose cream and pink coloured taxies as these are drove by women dressed up in Arabian Clothes.


It is always good to book an advanced reservation in Dubai. It is possible to get a lot of cantered attention while swimming in public areas for women. It is good to refrain from tight fitting clothes as and choose a hotel with a beach club to enjoy beach culture in Dubai. For single women travellers wanting to dine alone, it is good to choose family rooms reserved for women. Take caution during the Ramadan month and refrain from drinking and smoking in public places during the season.


There are ample things to do in Dubai and it is easily possible to check out wonderful recreation spots in Dubai. It is possible to buy about everything in Dubai such as clothes, fabrics, electronics, furniture, novelty items etc.


It is not customary to drink in public places and alcohol is provided only in bars and clubs in Dubai. For women planning for drinks, it is good to choose hotels with inbuilt bar facility. Smoking is allowed in Dubai only in selected areas. Sunscreens are a must here to protect from the encroaching sun and to have water bottles handy to avoid dehydration. Solo women travellers should learn to ignore unwanted stares and comments. If women feel they are being harassed, they should learn to make a lot of noise to grab the attention of people and police nearby. It is good that sexual harassment is a serious offence here. For women who would love a lot of photography, refrain from picturing Muslim women, government buildingsPsychology Articles, industrial installations and airports anywhere in the city.

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