London’s Autumn Shows: The Weird, the Classic and the Fun


One of the most renowned destinations for theatre fanatics anywhere in the world, London will rarely disappoint with its on-stage productions. Even if you have booked last minute and need to go straight from the plane to the play, the convenient Gatwick airport taxi services will help you make it in time!

Some of the highlights of the autumn season have started already, and some are yet to come; what is undisputable is the quality of what is on offer on the last few months of 2015. Make sure not to miss this wonderful experience.

Avant-garde Theatre At Its Best

Playwright Simon Stephens and director Ivo van Hove come together in Song from Far Away, a delicate and devastating 90-minute monologue delivered beautifully by Eelco Smits.

Smits plays Willem, a Dutchman who left for New York 12 years ago and never looked back. When he receives news that his brother has died, he returns to Amsterdam, where the play unfolds. This touching and innovative show is one to check out before its final curtain call in late September.

The Classic Everyone’s Talking About

The Barbican’s most awaited show of 2015 has hit its stride: Lyndsey Turner’s Hamlet is an unquestionably ‘must-see’ production with an impeccable Benedict Cumberbatch playing the leading role alongside an incredibly talented ensemble. Visually, this is one of the most stunning shows many theatregoers will have been witness to, and the three hours of Shakespearean English will fly by once you are submerged in the famously meandering but always purposeful plot.

The only catch is that advance tickets have sold out and, in order to be one of the lucky people who get an on-the-day £10 one, you will probably have to queue from the early hours of the morning. Here is a solution: book a cheap, last-minute late evening flight and get a Gatwick airport taxi to take you directly to the Barbican, where you can be first in the queue for when the box office opens at 10:30!

The Obligatory Musical Sure to Please Everyone

Opening at the Savoy Theatre in December 2015, Guys and Dolls has come back to the London stage for a new, revitalised run. Often referred to as the greatest musical of all time, this production boasts a superb cast that brings a new kind of energy to the show.

Musicals are the perfect way to bring together theatre lovers and those not so keen on sitting down for over two hours, including the younger members of the family. The witty dialogue, well-crafted, sparkly outfits and loud, cheerful singing will most likely mean very happy children (and adults) afterwards.

How to Navigate London’s Theatres

It is always useful to ask locals for advice, and Gatwick airport taxi drivers will be more than happy to give you some tips on how to navigate London’s public transport to get to the West End and they might even have a play to recommend.

Once you’ve decided on what you’ll be seeing, make sure to map out the route you will be taking there and, most importantly, back, especially as the Tube may have stopped running by then. However London’s night buses will be runningArticle Search, as well as the ubiquitous black cabs.

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