Exploring the Golden Lane in Prague


If ever there were a clichéd case of a city that has been overtaken by tourism, Prague is the one. A favourite destination for stag and hen parties, attendees of which arrive in the city in droves via convenient Prague airport shuttle transportation, it has almost become an historical theme park. Peel back that superficial layer, however, and the real Prague opens its doors to lovers of art, culture and history, offering the discerning traveller plenty to enjoy. With a harmonious combination of ornate palaces, Gothic castles, a lively nightlife and quaint pavement cafes, this is a stunning city for a weekend break or a week-long holiday.

Exploring Prague Through the Ages

If you are keen to discover some of the city’s more cultural attractions, why not start with the Golden Lane? Renovated in recent years, the Golden Lane takes you on a journey through history. Most of the charming buildings and houses along the lane have been made into exhibitions and museums, and many celebrate famous inhabitants of the city, such as Josef Kazda.

The Golden Lane

Located in the complex of Prague Castle, the Golden Lane dates back to the 16th century. Beautiful houses adorned in pretty colours served as local residences until the 1950s, but today they are mainly souvenir shops and open museums. Although some people perceive this lane to be a tourist hub, you can’t deny its charm and authenticity. It is a wonderful way to learn more about the way the city was in times gone by and how it has changed over the centuries.

In recent times much work has been done to solve construction issues and alter the interior of the houses to make them more reflective of the lane’s heritage. Different houses represent different time periods ranging form the Renaissance to the 1950s – one house has been recreated as a goldsmith’s workshop and home from the Renaissance era. Upstairs in some of the houses you can explore a medieval armoury, period costumesArticle Submission, and even handle a crossbow. The lane also features the Daliborka tower and a dungeon that used to be a prison.

Getting There

Getting to your accommodation on a Prague airport shuttle is the most popular way of getting in to the city. You can prebook a Prague airport shuttle online so there’ll be no delays and no fighting with the perils of public transport. The driver of your Prague airport shuttle or the staff in your hotel will be able to point you in the right direction of the Golden Lane and it’s definitely worth a visit.

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