Best European Cities that await you this Autumn 2015


Istanbul, Turkey: One of the great reasons to travel in Fall in general is to avoid the seemingly unavoidable crowds of the summer months, with hoards of vacationers hailing from all over the world. Istanbul is no exception. From late September to mid November, you’ll also escape the overbearing heat of the summer months and the exorbitantly high rates of peak season. Enjoy Istanbul’s magnificent architecture and narrow streets of the old town that emanate Turkish music. Take a stroll along the coast and admire the amazing Turkish shoreline.

Barcelona, Spain: Gaudi’s city is realistically one of the most amazing places to see year round, but it’s the fall months that bring a sort of magic to the city that mixes the bustle of metropolitan life with the relaxed pace of beach life. Make it there for Le Mercè at the end of September, a festival held in honor of Mare de Deu de la Mercè, the Patron Saint of Barcelona. Literally a celebration to welcome autumn, enjoy the five-day event that turns Barcelona into a stage for music, dancing, street theater and the like. You’ll also find wonderfully pleasant temperatures during this time, making it an absolute must to rent a scooter in Barcelona to zip around the city.

Bruges, Belgium: Beer, chocolate and vibrant foliage…just a couple of things we like to indulge in during the fall and Bruges has got them all. Not to mention the city itself is a Medieval wonderland, perfect for lovers on a romantic getaway. In the fall you will enjoy here in Bruges some open-air markets in the month of November while sipping on delectable hot chocolate. Check out the cities many galleries and museums and just simply admire the ancient homes with their intricate architecture and quaint stain glassed windows. For a lovely hotel with a view of the canals, check out Hotel Tuilerieen.

Prague: For a European city that has winters that can be described as nothing less than brutal, the fall months in Prague are surprisingly quite pleasant, with temperatures reaching the 50s during the day. Avoiding the crowds of the summer months will allow you to certainly enjoy the many attractions of Prague like the entrance to the Charles Bridge or the Castle that will be free of the summer chaos. Stroll around one of Prague’s public parks to enjoy the fall foliage and indulge in their hearty cuisine that can only be described as the best fall comfort food.

Avoid the summer crowds and feel the magic of these European cities: taste, touch, smell and hear autumn all around you on your next holiday.

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