How to Get the Most Out of Your Family Road Trip


For some, the idea of the family road trip conjures up memories of moaning children, missed turns, and frantic searches for a pit stop. Granted, spending hours on end with your nearest and dearest isn’t always a picnic, but with careful preparation, road trips can be a delight for the entire family. With these tips and ensuring you’ve taken steps to cover yourself with the proper family travel insurance, your road trip is guaranteed to be a smooth ride.

Choose the Right Car

If you’re planning to rent a car abroad, it’s essential to choose a car in which you will be comfortable spending many hours. Take the time to find a car with a smooth ride, ample storage and legroom, and good fuel mileage. Most importantly, make sure your comprehensive family travel insurance offers a collision damage waiver in the event of an accident.

Plan Interesting Stops

When planning your route, note points of interest along the way. It’s worth taking a small detour to see a beautiful view or a historic site—and it’s definitely more interesting than stopping at a roadside rest area with bored children. Whether you’re speeding down Route 66 or wending your way through the Alps, a little diversion will make your road trip even more enjoyable.

Make a Game of It

Bored and cranky children can turn a pleasant drive into an endless loop of “Are we there yet?” Distract your younger passengers with car games such as auto bingo, I Spy, and the license plate game (the latter is especially entertaining if you’re travelling in the United States). These games encourage children to appreciate the journey, instead of focusing on the destination. For those who are considering a family road rip abroad, remember that some family travel insurance policies offer free cover for children when you purchase an annual policy, so it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get hooked on road tripping.

Pack Strategically

How you pack for your journey can make or break your experience. Don’t get caught in a family road trip without ample snacks, music and technology for the whole family (sing-alongs optional), pillows for backseat naps, and plenty of water. As a side note, if you do plan on taking expensive electronic devices, make sure your family travel insurance policy offers coverage in case of damage, loss or theft.

Ditch the Gadgets

On the other hand, while it might be tempting to while away the hours plugged into your headphones or a movie, try to remember that the road trip is a perfect opportunity for family bonding. Why not put one of the kids in charge of maps, or take turns choosing the music? Get the whole family involved in the journeyComputer Technology Articles, rather than letting the entire back seat zone out for the duration.

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