Discover Prague Anew: River Surfing and Cookery Classes


If you’ve made your upcoming trip to Prague public, it’s highly likely you will have been told by numerous friends and family members how special the city is and how you’ll inevitably fall in love with its indescribable character. And, once you get there, you will understand completely why people often refer to it as one of the best holiday destinations in the world.

Prague provides all the things to satisfy a seasoned traveller: a unique and varied cuisine, plenty of locally brewed beer and wine, and a host of adventures to sweep you away. From the moment you step out of the airport transfer service vehicle onto Prague’s charming cobbled streets, the possibilities truly are endless. So if you want to ensure your holiday doesn’t simply resemble a travel agency’s dos and don’ts, make sure to give these activities a go.

Experience Local Cuisine in an Unexpected Manner

The best way to experience a region’s local cuisine is to not just look at restaurant menus and Internet recommendations, but to dig a bit deeper; one of the best ways to do this is to get your hands dirty and make the food yourself! Although this might seem tricky to do in a foreign country, a cookery class really can be quite easy and affordable, as long as you book in advance.

Just one example, ChefParade’s cookery classes are an absolute must-do for both foodies and seasoned chefs. Firstly you will go on an excursion to the market to purchase fresh ingredients with your assigned chef, who will happily give you tips and interesting facts. You will then go back to the state of the art kitchen to get started on your delicious three-course meal. Classes last around four hours and you can choose from individual, couples, or group lessons. Make sure to cancel your dinner reservations, though – you really won’t need them!

Try Every Single Kind of Local Beer

As may know, the Czech really do love their beer – and this certainly shows on the 17-day beer bonanza that is the Czech Beer Festival. Over two-and-a-bit weeks, the best Czech breweries, wineries, chefs, and bakers all congregate in one place to win visitors over with their delicious creations.

If you decide to plan your trip specifically to coincide with the festival, rest assured you are not the first and won’t be the last. The festival is very popular, so ensure you book your airport transfer service to your accommodation as soon as you decide on dates. With over 40 Czech beers to try each day, a huge variety of live music, and a family-friendly atmosphere, the Czech Beer Festival is an event where every age group will find something to enjoy.

Finally, Remember to Venture Outside of the City’s Borders

If you’ve been enjoying indulging in Czech food and beer and feel a bit of exercise wouldn’t go amiss, Biko Adventures offers different kinds of energetic activities. Not only can you discover the refreshingly spacious surroundings just outside Prague on a mountain bike, you can also experience trail running or, for something really different, one of the river surfing tours.

With activities requiring varying levels of endurance catering to both absolute beginners (albeit ones that can ride a bike) to professional cyclists, this friendly, local company will provide you with a different vantage point from which to explore Prague.

Treat Yourself: Book An Airport Transfer Service

If you’ve been hard at work exploring Prague’s outskirts on a bike or surfing its riversFree Reprint Articles, you might want to treat yourself to the luxury of a personal airport transfer service for the trip back so that you’ll be picked up from your accommodation and be saved the trouble of carrying heavy suitcases through Prague’s cobbled streets. Make your final memory of Prague a delicious ‘trdelník’ (local sweet treat) instead!

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