Less Effort, Less Mess – Caring For Your Home The Easy Way

Not everybody who is passionate about designing interiors is that keen to clean them. And the more detail you put into an interior, the more work you’re creating for yourself to keep it tidy and dust-free. While the minimalist look suits some people, it’s not for everyone. So how can you keep your home clutter-free and pristine without giving up all your time and energy?


Fabrics are fantastic. They look beautiful. You can choose any colour or pattern that appeals to you. And you can add to the structure and texture of the room. The trouble with fabric in interiors is that it can be quite hard to keep it looking clean. When you’re looking to dress your room with softer touches, choose fabrics that are easy to remove and machine wash. Alternatively, look for finishes in leather and other easy-to-wipe materials.



Why do pets shed? It makes cleaning a much harder job than it should be! But we wouldn’t do without a furry family members. Despite being able to see the hairs more easily, a hardwood or slate floor is easier to keep clean. Carpets, however, can cling to the fur and all the other delights your pets might leave behind. Vacuuming carpet does not remove all the germs, dirt and bacteria. It’s hard work too!


Robot vacuums make light of most floor types. Some include UV light to kill all those germs too. You can get robot mops for your hard floors. Cordless vacuums are lightweight and far more manoeuvrable than other types as well. Some stores are offering up to £120 off selected floorcare products right now to help you choose. Carpets can be washed with home appliances. And you can always spray them with anti bac products designed for carpets.

Kitchen Gadgets

Most of us have an array of kitchen gadgets that promise amazing results. Yet they tend to sit in the cupboard unused. One reason for this is the hassle of cleaning them. Many manufacturers are producing tools for cooking that are now dishwasher safe. This means you can use them, pop them in the dishwasher, and use them again an hour later. Clear out the old, and buy the gadgets that are easy-clean to reduce your kitchen woes.



If every time you sit down in your living room you’re battling for space, it’s time to manage your storage. It’s not fair for you to have to tidy everything away. If you have a designated place for it to live, your family will soon be happy to pop their magazines, toys, and other items away. You can find clever solutions like under sofa drawers, or coffee tables with built in cupboards. It takes the hassle out of tidying and leaves your room looking pristine.

Cleaning and tidying are chores few of us enjoy. But you don’t need to hire a cleaner just yet. Make some smart choices in your interior design, and you could find it much easier to keep it tidy and clean. Add a couple of clever gadgets to do the work for you and you could have your feet up in no time.

How To Pack Light And Chic For Your Great Escape

The sweet sound of sunshine and siesta is calling. It’s time to work on that tan, stroll along the beach and take a dip in turquoise seas. It all sounds so heavenly and relaxing. It’s vacation time! It’s our chance to retreat for a while into a place that offers health, wellness and calming vibes. So why do we stress about holiday packing? Here are my top essential packing tips, so there are no last-minute panics.

If you’re going on a beach holiday, you really don’t want to take too much with you. We’ve all done it, and we’ve all regretted it!

Bronzer and Illuminator

A slick of bronzer in the day and an added illuminator at night are all you need for laid-back holiday make-up. Get your lashes lifted and dyed before you go. The iconic Nars The Multiple is the original multi-functional stick. It provides an irresistible splash of luxurious colour to your lips, eyes and cheeks. Add a shimmering dimension at night with the Ilia Polka Dots and Moonbeams Illuminator.

Bags and Belts

Never under-estimate the power of the BNB. Bags and belts are the ultimate holiday accessories to dress up your look. Take a stylish and brightly coloured beach bag for daywear. This can double as a handbag if you are taking in any sights. Make sure it’s big enough for a towel, reading book, bottle of water and a t-shirt. Choose something with a zip pocket to keep your valuables safe if you are on the move. If you want to go luxury, take a peek at Melissa Odabash’s collection. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, try Sportsgirl or ASOS. Whether you’re in Bermuda or the Bahamas, you’re going to want to get glammed up at night. Pack an embellished clutch in a neutral colour that is big enough to fit your phone and money. Also, pack skinny belts in metallic gold and silver for super-luxe evening style.


Only Three Pairs of Shoes

You need a thong, a heeled sandal and a brightly coloured espadrille. It’s as simple as that. We often make the mistake of taking too many shoes, and it just ends up dragging us down. Think about co-ordination. Choose nude shades for your heeled option as they work with everything. Nude colours have the bonus of making our legs look longer too. Go bright and bold with your espadrille. You can also wear these at night when you want to add a bit of colour. And a thong is a thong. Don’t over think it!

One Hero Piece

Your holiday wardrobe should consist of a few multi-wear pieces that co-ordinate with each other. Three bright bikinis, two beach cover-ups, white shorts and white jeans, a couple of pretty sundresses, a skirt that works both day and night and a loose shirt. But you are allowed to choose one hero piece. This could be a gorgeous maxi dress that can be worn both day and night. Or it might be an expensive silk shirt that you can wear multiple times. Make your hero piece bright, beautiful and tropical. Take this chance to show off your style in your chosen sun-drenched slice of the world.

A Trampoline without Springs is the Safer Way to Bounce

Innovative minds have finally come together and solved the age old problem for all parents. Thanks to the innovative design of one company, parents no longer have to worry about their children getting pinched or otherwise injured from the springs of a trampoline. One company has put in the time and energy, the care and concern, to design the world’s safest trampoline. This design was invented by Dr. Keith Alexander, an associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. This design, which has been incorporated by one company and one company only has eliminated the bulk of all trampoline accidents (impact injuries) by eliminating the springs and poles that usually pose a threat. This new design (which has removed 90% of product-related trampoline injuries) is helping to set the standards for all trampolines and has earned many awards including: The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, The US Family Choice Award, and The International Design Award.

The truth is there is better trampoline design out there — including Dr. Alexander’s game-changing spring-less design which only Springfree Trampoline has manufactured — and to aplomb in the industry, winning numerous awards such as the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, the US Family Choice Award, and the International Design Award, to name only a few.

The best trampoline will use SoftEdge technology to give you a 360 degree safe jumping zone— where the mat ends, the FlexiNet enclosure begins.This revolutionary design alternative replaces springs with flexible composite rods and places them underneath the surface of the trampoline instead of on the outside of the mat where children are jumping. A hidden frame design makes it much safer for the jumper and the unique jumping surface called SoftEdge is 30 times more shock absorbent than traditional trampoline pads and still provides the bounce every jumper craves. Additionally, all components of the trampoline have been tested thoroughly for quality assurance and have been put to the test on-site in a single Springfree facility to ensure that Dr. Alexander’s rigorous and thorough design is not compromised. With proper maintenance and care, the world’s safest trampoline is able to be left outdoors and withstand heavy sun and rain.

Hop online and learn how to find your Springfree Trampoline location, or check out their website to see all the models for yourself. These trampolines have made it possible for parents to rest at ease when purchasing a trampoline, so why not see for yourself? These designs have reduced the risk of injury so significantly that even the strictest of parents can have faith in allowing a trampoline in their yards once more. With a newer Soft Edge mat to absorb more shock, a FlexiNet enclosure and a hidden frame design to prevent jumpers from coming into contact with the frame this trampoline has set the standards high and helped everyone see that there is a way to have fun the safe way. Children can enjoy the excitement that a trampoline can bring to their yards again.

How to Reduce Keloid Scarring After Surgery


Most of us have at least a few scars – some with an interesting back story, some from routine surgeries like appendectomies. These scars often fade away within 18 months, but some people have problems with red, raised and stiff scars, known as keloid scars.

These can be unsightly and even painful and some keloid scars carry on spreading long after the wound has healed. Up until recently, surgeons outside the plastic surgery field didn’t pay much attention to scarring, but now they are offering help and advice to make sure their patients feel happy and comfortable with the results of their surgery.

Scars may fade even further

Previously, surgical patients were often sent home with some antibiotic cream and told not to scratch, but patients now have more options to reduce and even prevent scars.

How are scars formed?

If a wound reaches the dermis, the lower layers of the skin, it’ll leave a scar, but the severity of the mark depends on how well the skin repairs and how the collagen behaves.

Collagen is a fibrous protein that ideally should arrange itself in a criss-cross pattern. With successful healing, the skin around the wound edges closes together with the help of collagen and it forms a flat, thin, smooth appearance. With efficient healing, scarring can take 18 months to finish and to stabilise, losing colour and bumpiness.

However, sometimes fibroblasts – cells responsible for repairing the skin – go overboard and a new set of blood vessels forms, which feeds the scar. This sets off extra collagen production, which instead of criss-crossing neatly, lays itself down in thick, parallel lines, gluing layers of tissue together and forming rigid bumps.

How to help scarring go to plan

Using silicone

Silicone is available as a gel, a spray or as a sheet and it keeps the wound moist, stopping it from becoming rigid; many plastic surgeons prefer to use a spray that dries in minutes to become breathable, flexible and invisible. Many surgeons recommend it for preventing keloid scars and it should be applied as soon as the wound is healed. If you have a breast reduction from Gary Ross you should ask about silicon scar treatments, especially if you’re at risk from keloid scarring.

Cortisone cream or tape

Cortisone calms down the fibroblasts and also softens the scar. This treatment works best when scars are less than six months old. Creams are the cheaper option, with tape acting as a slow-release delivery system.

Why do some people get keloids

It’s not fully understood, but factors like genetic predisposition, poor cutting technique and the location of the incision are important. In keloid scarring, the collagen escapes beyond the actual wound, getting into healthy tissue and even continuing to grow after healing. Keloids are 15 times more likely in people with dark skin, although fair-skinned red-haired Celtic people get them more often too.

Age is also a factor, with people under 30 sometimes “over-repairing” injuries.

The shoulders, chest, back and ear lobes are particularly keloid-prone, as well as the skin over moving joints.

If you’re worried

Talk to your surgeon before the procedure and explain how important the appearance of the scar is to you, especially if you’re having plastic surgery.

Here’s a List of Everything You Should Do Before Relocating

Moving truck

Before you relocate, you need to make sure you have thought everything through. You’re going to have to put plans in place to help with the move, and to secure the perfect new home. Here is a list of everything you need to do before your relocation.

Save Money

Before you can relocate you need to make sure you are financially stable. There are a lot of things you can do to achieve this. But, mainly it’s about saving up and making sure you have the money to cover the costs of relocating. It’s not going to be cheap so you need to combine household income to help you save up. Have a think about the sort of prices range you want for your new home. Then you need to set yourself a saving target to reach. Once you hit this, you can start applying for mortgages and getting the ball rolling.

Let the Kids Know

You will need to sit down and have a conversation with your children when it comes time to make a move. It’s going to be difficult for the kids to understand and process why you are moving. But you need to try to explain to them that you are relocating as a family and the reasons why. It might be difficult for them to process at first, but you need to make the effort to help them understand. The kids need to be on board with the move as much as possible because this will make everything much easier and more tolerable.


Home Improvements

When it comes to a house move, you will want to try to sell your current place. And that means you need to make it as sellable as possible. The idea is to try to attract interest in your property and entice people to want to make you an offer. And on of the best ways to achieve this is to try to make home improvements as much as you can. You need to look at areas where you can improve the property and add value to the home at the same time. Two of the best areas to make improvements would be in the kitchen and the garden. This is because these are two areas highly regarded by buyers. If you can make improvements and alterations to add kerb appeal to your home, you will increase your chances of a sale. And, as a bonus, you’ll make more money from it.

Decide What to do With Your Existing Home

It’s important to give some thought to the existing home you currently have. If you’re relocating, you’re going to be moving to a new home. So this begs the question of what you’re going to do with your current home. Now, you could always keep it of course, but this would mean having to pay two mortgages, and that’s going to be very expensive. Most people will elect to sell their home before they make their move permanent. But, it can be a lot harder to sell your home than you might think; especially for the right price. So, another option open to you could be to think about renting your home out. This would provide you with a steady income and would help with costs of your relocation. But, whatever your decision is, you need to make it as soon as you can so you can work towards achieving it.

Check Out a Range of New Places

Before you can relocate you need to find your new home. The process of looking for a new home is fun and exciting. This is the part of the process you can look forward to and have a good time with. But, you also need to make sure that you are practical and sensible about it. And that means you have to see a range of places before you are in a position to make a definitive choice. Check out estate agents online to see what choices there are. You can learn about Entwistle Green here, and check out the properties they have on offer. It’s important to get a feel for what properties are on offer in the area you want to move to. Then you can select something in your price range, and work on finding the right home for you.


Pack Up Your Life

When it becomes real that you’re actually relocating is when you start packing up your life. You are set for a fresh start in a new place. But it may not become real until you start to pack your life into cardboard boxes. You have to approach the packing sensibly and carefully and make sure you have some sort of system in place. The more organised you can be with it the more smoothly it will go. Try to pack things into the relevant boxes, and make sure you have all your stuff packed up well before moving day. You don’t want to have to deal with the chaos and rush that comes with having to sort that out.

Plan the Move

You have to plan what you’ll do when it comes down to the actual moving process. This can be just as stressful and chaotic as everything that comes before it. You need to account for where you’re moving to and how you will get there. You may want to hire a van to transport all the family’s possessions so you can focus on driving them there. It’s also worth thinking about when you want to make the move. It’s going to be much less costly and busy to do it on a weekday because most people will be at work. Weekends are manic for things like this so that’s worth a consideration as well.


If you are serious about a relocation, you’ve got to be aware that it’s a massive step. It will completely change your life and your family’s future. So you need to ensure everything is ready to help you with the move. And this means you have to take action and get all this stuff sorted out before you move. There’s a lot to think about, but it’s important to get it sorted out so you can transition smoothly into a new chapter of your life.

Rethink Your Life, It’s Time for a Change


We all get to that point where our lives could do with a rethink. If you feel like you are unfulfilled in your life you need a change then it’s time to get real. Start rethinking things and deciding how you can make decisions that will help you better enjoy your life.

Assess Your Career

You have to give serious thought to the career you’re currently in. Think about whether you’re happy doing what you do, and whether it’s right for you. It might be worth changing your mind and going for a different career path. You need to be doing something that will keep you happy and fulfilled as much as possible. Many people go their whole lives without ever doing anything they enjoy or want to do. So, if your job is not enriching you, then it’s time to quit and work towards doing what you want to do.

Do You Want Kids?

One of the biggest decisions you’re going to make in your life is whether or not you want to have kids. If you’re in a relationship, this is an even bigger choice that you need to make. Children are wonderful, but they also change the dynamic of your life. So, you need to make sure you are ready to have children and that you can afford it. This is a long and serious discussion you need to have as a couple. So sit down together and start thinking about whether you are ready for kids and the changes you’ll need to make in your life if you decide to have them.

Move Abroad

If you feel like your life has stagnated a bit, it might be time for a change of scenery. And that’s why you should consider moving abroad. Choose a country with some great history and culture, like France. It’s important that you pick up tips about moving to France so you can adjust to your new life more easily. Learn about the customs and national events they have there. You could even try to learn a bit of the language to give you an advantage when you get out there. It’s also important to choose the area of France you’d like to live in.

See the World

You might not be ready to move abroad permanently just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see the world. It’s important to do what you can to get out there and see what the world has to offer. You need to experience other cultures and customs. Visiting places you’ve never been to before is a great eye-opener and will help you broaden your horizons. Make sure you do what you can to get out there and see the world. Dust off your passport and start pencilling in some holiday destinations as soon as you can.

Revamp Your Home

There are plenty of things you could do to make your home better. Think about revamping and renovating to get the home to the way you want it to be. Consider how you might be able to make the property better. There are bound to be a lot of changes you can make that will help you achieve this. An extension might be the perfect way to go with this kind of thing. You may also consider going green or adding a swimming pool. It’s good to try to implement the things you’ve always wanted for your home. This is the best way of ensuring that your home is taken care of and gets the best possible outcome.

Build the Perfect Body

Everyone wishes they could be more toned and healthy these days. Health and fitness are crucial when you’re trying to build the perfect body. This is something you need to do to make yourself healthier, as well as improving your self-confidence and esteem. It’s important that you are happy with who you are and the way you look. And the way you can achieve this is by making sure you try to build the perfect body. You’ll need to start working out and exercising frequently if you want to get a tight and toned figure. There are plenty of exercises you can try as well as work out sessions. It’s just a case of thinking about the best approach to take to exercising.


Start Online Dating

If you have dated in the past, then it’s probably time to get back on the horse. A lot of people think they don’t have time for dating these days. But, in reality, they just don’t realize they have the time. Online dating makes the whole process much more efficient. So this is something you need to think about starting up. Sign up for some online dating sites like Tinder, OkCupid or Plenty of Fish. Create a profile and choose some of your best pictures. Then you have taken the first steps on the road to online dating. You never know, your soulmate could be just a screen away.

Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

They always say you should face your fears, and that’s why it’s great to do one thing every day that scares you. It doesn’t matter what it is, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big thing. You just need to make sure it’s something that you personally find scary. This could be something as simple as going on a date, speaking publicly, or doing some sort of extreme sport. It’s important to try to do something that scares you every day because this helps you feel alive. And it will encourage you to face and conquer your fears every day.


I always think it’s a good idea to put your body through a detox now and again. Whether you drink, smoke, take drugs or eat junk, your body is going to need a detox. Flushing your system and getting those antioxidants into your body is perfect. This will help you feel better every day, and will work towards improving your health. Putting yourself on a personal detox program is the best way to go, and something you can do easily at home. But, if you have problems with addiction you might decide that it’s time to seek help and treatment. In this scenario, you would visit a detox centre and get help to get clean.


What Have You Always Wanted to Do?

Think about what you have always wanted to do with your life. Everyone has dreams and aspirations in their life. Now is the time to determine what these might be, and to work towards them. Some people want to write the Great American Novel while others want to play drums in a prog rock band. Figure out what your passion is and start taking steps to work towards it right now. It’s important to try to achieve the dreams and goals we set for ourselves in life. These help us to become more fulfilled and get more enjoyment out of life.

Learn Something New

Take this opportunity to better yourself and increase your life experience by learning something new. This could be anything that is new to you. Think about things you might find useful in your life, or things you’ve always wanted to do. A lot of people choose to learn languages or learn a musical instrument like the guitar. It’s important to learn new things in order to improve your experiences and enrich your life. You might find some of these things useful, like learning to drive. But, some of them might just be for your own entertainment purposes, such as learning a new game.

We all hit that point in our lives where we decide it’s time to make some changes. It’s important to assess and think about what matters the most to us. There are plenty of things you have to make sure you get right these days. And it’s difficult to know what these changes might be until it comes time to make them. Essentially you’re just looking for ways to improve and enrich your life as much as you can. Use some of the ideas on here to ensure that you get the best out of life and enjoy yourself as much as possible.



Creative Ways To Use Your Garden Space

Gardens, above all other areas of the home, often get neglected. People spend a lot of their attention decorating the living room and the kitchen, and that means the great outdoors is left behind.

But it shouldn’t be this way! Your garden is one of your greatest untapped assets, and it can truly help your house feel like a home. So rather than letting it grow into a jungle, why not show it some love? Not only can you add value to your home, you can create an exciting space that will create lots of lifelong memories for you.

As a sports area. No matter your age, playing a couple of sports over the summer is a lot of fun. Being able to do it in your garden? That’s even better. It means you won’t have to travel down to a local park or outdoor space. You can enjoy your favorite sports at home!


This is also a great idea if you have children, too. Keeping the kids entertained over summer is tough, but now it’s easy! For starters, I’d recommend a trampoline, to use it as a focal point for your garden. You can get small ones and large ones, and they come with enclosures for added safety!

Next, I’d look at purchasing a net, so your kids can have a kickabout. You can root these to the ground so they won’t be able to move, which should keep the whole thing sturdy. Other sports ideas include swingball, tennis, and why not make a mini-golf course? All you need is a well-trimmed lawn and a hole in the ground!

As a social area. When the sun is beating down outside, it doesn’t feel right to be stuck indoors. You may be forced to though, due to your lack of seating areas outside. So, transform your garden into the perfect social space to give yourself a view under the stars.

Most garden furniture is perfect for this scenario, from benches to individual chairs. Consider adding a canopy too, to protect yourselves from any drizzle. I’d also install a light that attracts all those flying creepy crawlies, so they aren’t buzzing about your head.

As a gardening area. Growing your own vegetables can save you a lot of money on your big weekly shop. It’s also a way to grow delicious, healthy food from the comfort of your home. Anyone can begin gardening, too. All you need is a plant pot, some compost and some seeds.

If you want to turn your whole garden into a vegetable plant, you have to be sure you can water the entire thing. Also bear in mind you may have to walk over certain seeds to get to the other end of your garden. So plan accordingly! Consider installing a sprinkler system to get water to a wide space, fast.

As a storage area. If your house is overflowing, turn to the garden to get yourself a large, useful storage area. Obviously you won’t be dumping your stuff on the ground, but have a look at some large sheds and storage boxes.

Some sheds can even be used as a social space, complete with chairs and a radiator. If you just want storage though, any kind of shed will do, but I’d recommend metal because it won’t rot as easily as wood.